Our Kittens

My kittens will be spay/neutered, get vaccinations, wormed and flea/tick controlled, before they are adopted. All vet expenses are included with purchase price. So when they come to you all you need to do is add love, warm bed, food and play-cuddle time. I also like to send a kitten package with them. It has toys, food, medical records, TICA reg. slip. The kittens go to their adoptive homes at 12-14wks of age. I do ship to USA and Canada if needed.

It is very important kittens get seen by a vet, if they are sick. They are developing their immunity for the 1st year of life, they need to be supported. I am one of the few cat breeders that guarantee my kittens against the FIP virus, the 1st year of life. One of the weaknesses of cat species is viruses. That is why all my kittens will get vaccinated for feline leukemia, it is preventable. However, FIP virus is 100% fatal to cats/kittens, they may live for awhile, but in the end they will die. There is no vaccine for the FIP virus. FIP is NOT a genetic issue, it is a possibility that can happen to any kitten born. FIP virus is most common in young kittens or older cats, as immunity drops with aging. It is a heart breaking issue to go through….. That is why I will replace your kitten in the 1st year, should this tragedy happen to you.

I work to make a match between the kitten and the adoptive family. If there are children to consider, I try to pick my most ‘bomb proof’ kittens. These are generally the more confident and noise tolerant kittens. I want every match to be good for the kitten and the family. It means on occasion, I might not have the correct kitten for you. I don’t want to make a match that would not work for the family or the kitten. I am hoping to always make a match that will last a lifetime.

My kittens are born and raised in my home, they are handled every day. I work to expose them to most sounds and sights in a home. I have several kitty scratch post and condos. I train them to scratch on those not the furniture. I also work for them to learn no and git down. It is not good manners to get on counters and tables or climb drapes. When they are around 8 wks old they get to go out in the kitten playpens. They get to see birds, horses, my dobie, chasing bugs learns them to be good fly catchers…..grin. I feel the more you expose them to when young, the more confident they become. My gentle dobie who is too big for playing with kittens, lets them crawl on her and shares her large bed with them at night. So they can learn gentle dogs can be your friend.

My kittens are all judged against the TICA Pixie bob standard. They can be pet, breeder or show/breeder quality. Bloodlines also do play a part in judging the kittens. My kittens start at $650 for a female and $750 for a male, as they are in higher demand. In general if they are born with long hair it is fairly rare, only about 25% of the Pixie bob breed is long haired. So these kittens will cost a bit more. The same with Poly feet as they are always in high demand, so will cost a bit more also.

I run a waiting list for my kittens. This is for the people who have decided they want to purchase a Pixie bob kitten. I can send you a kitten form or with my new website you might be able to fill it out online or email it to me. You fill it out for the type of kitten you are looking for. You send it back to me with a check for $200 deposit to hold the kitten you have chosen. Once I have received your $200 check I will give you a “Choice Pick” number for you to choose a kitten. If you are local to the area, you are welcome to make an appointment, to see the kittens to make a choice.

The first 3 kittens (2 pics of each kitten) parents are Mom G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Cheetah, daughter of my beloved foundation Queen Quad Grand Champion Expresivepixie Miss Montana. Dad is my Beautiful Stud Evergreen Utah High from Janet Mcgee in Washington. He is such a loving, sweet big, boy and giving me excellent quality of kittens.

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