I fell in love with the Pixie bob breed about 20 yrs ago. I was at a cat show I came around the corner and there was a large, long haired male cat in the show cage, washing his kittens. That was the temperament I wanted to have in a show cat breed. It took a couple years of research before I bought my first pet Pixie bob, but after that I was totally smitten. I started a breeding program and bought some of the best breeding lines I could get. Having worked in the medical field for many years, I have always understood what a pet can do for us humans. Lower blood pressure, not someone to yell at you or hassle you, our pets give us their Love and Companionship. My first Pixie bob was named ‘Ransom’. He was called Ransom my Heart or Paid a King’s Ransom, depending on how naughty he was that day…..grin. However, it is the almost 18 yrs of free love and companionship that he gave me, that I remember the most. The founder of the breed was Carol Ann Brewer, without her we would not have the Pixie bob breed. I was lucky to have her as a dear friend and mentor. It is Carol Ann Brewer and my Ransom that I dedicate my website to.

G Bar G Ranch Pixie Bobs

Gail Andersen

I have always had a love of animals, I have worked with horses, dogs, cattle, sheep and lived on a small ranch. I worked for 12 yrs with the feral cat program, Forgotten Felines in Santa Rosa CA. It there that I learned so much about the, psychological aspect of cats. It was my job to tame the wild kittens, to get them ready for adoptive homes. It would always amaze me how these little, spitting, swatting, attempt to bite you kittens would show me their belly and purr after 3-4 days of handling. Lord knows you can’t teach a human to be kind in 3-4 days……LOL.

I have done a lot of showing over the years. It gives me a chance to compare my cats to the other Pixie bob breeders. It also allows me to always breed for the correct Pixie bob breed standard. You don’t only need to win the Pixie bob breed class, but go on to place in the top 10 finals against the other 48 breeds of cat. In my mind, temperament is the the most important thing to breed for, because without that the rest of the cat is not important. Health, structure, all weather-coat, pattern, color and the face is the most important. We are the only breed that 50% of the points are on correct look of the face. We are also the only breed allowed to show straight feet or poly feet, as it is written in our standard. Our foundation cats had poly feet and we are going for the look of a, coastal red bobcat. Bobcats have big feet.

The Pixie bob breed comes with the Legend that Bobcats bred with domestic cats and that was the possible start of our breed. It is scientifically possible, but very rare. Most crossings of these 2 species will result in a cat that is sterile. Just as when you cross a donkey with a horse you get a mule that is sterile. However every once in a great while, there will be a female mule that has a foal born…… That too is the Mystery of the Pixie bob breed. They come from Pacific Northwest, USA. Their temperament is very dog like and laid back. They tend to be quiet cat, talking in little chirps and chitters. Occasionally you will get a talker, but most are quieter than the average cat. They are very companion oriented, get along with gentle dogs, children and other animals. They also tend to like to be with you, following you from room to room. They are considered to be a medium to large cat. They sometimes play with water, like to carry their toys and leash train with patience. I have trained several of my Pixie bobs to harness and written an article on how to do it.




Choose the breeder of Pixie bob kitten you want wisely. There is a reason we are called ‘Crazy Cat ladies’…..grin. We all have an opinion, we all do things differently and we all have learned from going through the process of breeding/raising our kittens. Not to mention just dealing with the variety of adoptive parents, looking for a Pixie bob kitten. Ask about the kittens, the contract, what their contract says about the health of the kitten and any guarantee on their kittens, should they offer it. They should be a resource for you for the life of the kitten/cat. If you have issues with behavior, health or any other question that should come up for them. You may choose a nice kitten, but if you have chosen a breeder that is less than helpful or reluctant to help, once the kitten is paid for you are not going to be happy. When you talk to them listen, to what your instincts are telling you about the breeder. People all have different temperaments, we all know there are people can drive us crazy too. It is nice if you find someone you think is going to work well with you.

I had an unfortunate incident happen to me recently. The person who had been my webmaster for about 12 yrs decided to cash my check for $300 and then take my website down after about 6wks. This during kitten season no less…… This was a fellow Pixie bob breeder also. Her name is Nathalie Bent her cattery is Farwest Pixie bobs, she lives in France. Highly Unethical Pixie bob breeder and Unethical human. Not a person to do business with.