Our Studs

Stud Champion G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Gunslinger

Gunslinger’s dad is my beloved G bar G Ranch Buckskin Beau, who was one of my foundation studs. Mom is Champion G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Dream. She is a daughter of Quad Grand Champion Expresivepixie Miss Montana. Gunslinger is very big and impressive to look at, he is the largest Pixie bob I have bred and raised. He has a very sweet nature, loves to be petted and get rub downs. He drools as he purrs and is gentle with the ladies. He has also given me some of the very best kittens I have had in 19yrs of breeding/showing. Two of his sons have gone to breeding programs to add his good nature, correct looks to PB standard and beauty to the Pixiebob breed. He was shown as a kitten and received several finals. In his 1st adult show he took 3 finals against the other 45 breeds showing and enough points for his Championship.

Stud G bar G Ranch Docs Night Hawk

Night Hawk’s dad is my beloved foundation stud G bar G Ranch Doc Holiday. Doc Holiday’s dad is Supreme Grand Champion Stage One Bob Younder. Night Hawk’s mom is Champion G bar G Ranch Cowgirl Romance. Night Hawk is very athletic and has a soft sweet nature. As a kitten he followed me everywhere and demanded extra attention. He has a beautiful and correct to Pixie bob standard face, much like his dad Doc Holiday. I love his long legs and rangy build like a bobcat. He was shown as a kitten at a big show in Washington. He took several finals and I was very pleased, as there were a number of Pixie bob kittens showing. However, showing was a bit hard on him with the noise of the loud speakers, people rushing around, cats everywhere bigger than him. I decided to retire him to stud.

Stud Quad Grand Champion G bar G Ranch Cool Hand Luke

Quad Grand Champion G bar G Ranch Cool Hand Luke’s dad is International Winner, Lifetime Achievement, Supreme Grand Champion Expresivepixie Tim McGraw. Luke’s mom is my foundation queen Champion G bar G Ranch Romance Dreamer. Luke won his Quad Grand Championship in the first month of showing, as an adult Luke was only 9mos old got his 6 finals against the top cats in the other cat breeds. That happened because he was so close to the proper look of the Pixie bob standard. He could not only win the Pixie bob breed, but was good enough to compete with the best cats in the other breeds to get his needed finals. Luke is very loving, wants to get lots of petting and rubdowns. He has a kind, gentle nature and very sweet to his ladies.

Stud G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Wooly Chaps

Wooly Chaps got his name from having lots of puffy long hair when he was born. Wooly Chaps are used in the winter to help keep your legs warmer, when riding the range in the snow. Also good when you are riding in bushy areas and don’t want your legs cut up. His dad is my beloved foundation stud Quad Grand Champion Golden Warrior. Mom is my foundation queen G bar G Ranch Romance Dreamer. Wooly Chaps has those long legs and rangy build of the coastal red bocat. He also has beauitful, correct eye shape, strong muzzle, proper set ears and good strong bone. His pattern is lovely, he has gold and rufus tones not seen often in long hair Pixie bobs. His temperament is much like his dad’s QGC Golden Warrior, so is his voice. He is sweet, begs for extra rubdowns, gentle with kittens even if they are not his.

Stud Evergreen Utah High

Evergreen Utah High is a lovely stud that came to me from Janet McGee of Evergreen Pixie bobs in Washington. He has wonderful bloodlines and the old fashion look of the foundation Pixie bobs. His dad is Regional Winner, Triple Grand Champion Expresivepixie Golden Bear. His mom is Evergreen Nuttah NW. He carries International Winner, Lifetime Achievement, Supreme Grand Champion Expresivepixie Tim McGraw and International Winner, Lifetime Achievement, Supreme Grand Champion Butch Cassidy in his bloodlines. Utah is a soft, sweet nature, stunningly correct face, is built like a tank wide shoulder and wide hips. To top it off he is a hamberger patty, quad poly feet and beautiful spot pattern with warm gold tones.

Stud G Bar G Ranch Ricochet

G bar G Ranch Ricochet is full brother to G bar G Ranch Carol Anns Wooly Chaps. Only 1 yr younger than Wool Chaps. He was sold to a wonderful man, but sadly he passed away. So Ricochet came back to me, he is now the G bar G Ranch Mascot. He looks so much like his dad Quad Grand Champion Golden Warrior and has the exact voice of dad. Both of these boys just steal my heart……. I still so miss QGC Golden Warrior. Golden Warrior had many, many finals against the other cat breeds. His kittens were always outstanding. You could have him in the house all night on the couch getting belly rubs and lots of petting, he purred all night. You could run him with the girls and kittens that were not his, he was always very gentle with kittens and ladies. Very mellow temperment for a breeding stud cat. Richchet looks so much like dad is it is amazing. As Ricochet is a Mascot, so of course he is neutered. He won several finals against the other breeds of cats, as a kitten. Ricochet has his dad’s loving and cuddling ways.